Feeding Alabama works to end hunger by assisting the food bank network in obtaining more food and funds, fostering public awareness of the food banks’ mission, and creating partnerships to help alleviate hunger in Alabama.

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How We Fight Hunger

Every day, the eight food banks in Alabama partner with a statewide network of food donors, emergency food pantries, and soup kitchens to provide food to hungry people. Fighting hunger requires significant funding for every step of the process—from acquiring food, to storing the food, to transporting the food to people in need.


Food is donated

Food and grocery products are donated and/or received from local food companies, government agencies, food drives, from large and small donors, special purchases and from Feeding America.

Food is transported

Each food bank is responsible for picking up the food and returning it to their facility. Costs are significant. Food banks must maintain trucks and staff to get the food to the food bank.

Food Banks Store and Distribute Food

Once the food bank receives a shipment of food, it inspects for quality and sorts and re-packs the food and grocery products for distribution to member agencies throughout its service area. This includes refrigerated storage for perishable items like milk and eggs. Collectively, Alabama food banks distributed 48 million pounds of food to agencies and outlets in 2011.

Community Partners

Member agencies and outlets, such as soup kitchens, shelters and food pantries, receive food from food banks and then provide food assistance to people in need. Alabama Food Banks work with more than 1,700 such community partners across the State.

Food Reaches Those in Need

Our eight Food Banks feed hundreds of thousands hungry people each year, including children, and those numbers continue to grow as a result of the recent economic recession and high unemployment rates.

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