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Food. It’s nourishment for our bodies. It’s how we connect. And it’s how we show our friends, families and neighbors that we care. And yet, sometimes money falls short and food feels beyond our reach. That’s why we have SNAPthe Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programa national, public program with major local impact. SNAP offers a way for our neighbors to keep food on the table when times are tough.

SNAP helps

  • Prevent Hunger
  • Boost local businesses
  • Lift people out of poverty
  • Keep food on the table when recovering from natural disasters
  • Move fresh food from farmers to kitchens


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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How We Fight Hunger

What does Feeding Alabama do?

Feeding Alabama works to support our membership through:

  • advocacy and education efforts that raise awareness of the food bank network and their hunger-relief work in our state
  •  programmatic work that assists in connecting children and families with food
  •  fundraising support that aids our membership in better serving our neighbors in need
How can I help Feeding Alabama?

Help Feeding Alabama by donating, volunteering, and becoming an advocate against hunger. Donated food is always welcome, however, money goes much further. By leveraging the network of Feeding Alabama food banks, we can fight hunger one donation at a time. 

Volunteer opportunities are available at our member food banks warehouses and offices. For more information, visit the volunteer section of our website. 

Become an advocate and speak out against hunger by signing up for our action alerts and newsletter. 

Who are your members?

Feeding Alabama is comprised of the eight Feeding America affiliated food banks in Alabama.

Community Food Bank of Central Alabama
Feeding the Gulf Coast
Food Bank of East Alabama
Food Bank of North Alabama
Montgomery Area Food Bank
Selma Area Food Bank
West Alabama Food Bank
Wiregrass Area Food Bank
How can my business partner with Feeding Alabama?

As a partner, your business has the opportunity to host a fundraiser, donate, or volunteer.   

Join the Fight!

You can choose to donate or advocate. You can choose to volunteer or raise awareness. You have a choice. Choose to end hunger. Take action to help end hunger in Alabama.

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